So where is Son’s day

Just a quick blog we all know Mothering Sunday is just a short couple of anxious days away been looking at exclusive moonpig offers as you do.My mum has got a nice rose something to nurture but back to my main point in present domination I have Birthday Christmas Day but what about encouraging that special son day.what do you think?


Speed camera evolution

Well after yesterday’s blog ref etone situation on speed camera got a very nice tweet saying it’s relocating up the road nearer top of hill.
Having reminded myself via Vowlsey I’m a developer two things have dawned on me first Lenny Crosby nearly got a bing off my bell when his mste jay walked on me but more importantly using the power of Automisation speed camera incorporating reg recognition yep I can smell money on this tax disks are being phased out so video capture using dvla database
As checking sequence ie live or illigals use could be programmed
All money less 10 percent going to shorty inc. could do valid car search via good old speed camera
And once introduced cigars and brandy await me thinks someone is bound to develop this just needs time no coope today though…

Etone School speed camera dismantled

There is a God let alone St Chistopher in the town area looked good as I passed Mick Cooper making a darting run with wheele bin then four workmen hastily de erecting the speed camera that clocked me at 36 miles an hour and automatically added 3 points and making me uneligable to be a train driver ,,,hmmm well is gone for how long I know clean now though I can only make 15mph on my bike:)

Automisation in Public Services

Investment in public service capacity.Been hearing about Warwick CC proposals for a Warwick
Based county council shift has any computer guru mapped out a plan to
Govern adhoc manual transactions
Yep I know we can phone council payment but what about other borough service querys.
I am not robo cop type of set up but could some robo /cyber facilities be put in place bit like a booth 24/7 say in the library is 21 century tech up for it.something like the fortune teller booth in Big can it handle query calls and translate scanned data encription to point of query?
Do we think money could be deducted from council tax with such a process?has any transition process with job obligations been assessed.what do you think cash machines have worked ok since 77 what would you prefer ?

Sir D Attenborough signature
Well wifey received a bona fide signature from David Attenborough today which was a bit of a pick me up (she’s lost her voice) I’d have to say I used to collect original but last two were several years ago from bar note ly Ronnie Corbett x forest of Arden golf and Nick Jevons x Walsall Rfc but no really expensive signatures have hit since the one inset.(Christopher Lloyd did scoff when I didn’t manage to get it on a blank cheque but actually Keith did arrive a little later Jevon’s and became a man of value)
Richard has contributed to her OU sylabus as did David Shepard who we did meet at Twycross and bought a elephant so we can now say we have duel signatures.So happy to received such a great award from WWF wife quite literally speechless but happy full degree and duel Sigs.just as an aside the post office asked if I owned a dog when I picked this up they are obviously creating a nasher database I’d possibly use product database inc pet food type and address details from purchased but no two cats I told them so goodbye and thanks WWF
Oh yes this bear isn’t smoking a ciggy ref last weeks Facebook post:)

Commando training: Quest for the green beret – Pt4

Chris might have interest in this story

The Official British Army Blog

Sapper Ed Joseph Sapper Ed Joseph

Sapper Ed Joseph is an Army Reserve soldier from 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers (131 Indep Cdo Sqn RE), embarking on the Reserve Forces Commando Course (RFCC) at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone. He has two weeks in which to complete the gruelling course that, if successfully completed, will culminate in him earning the coveted green beret.

Three, two, one….. Go!

On Friday morning and with no time for rest we went straight from the field into a timed Tarzan run.

Sunday was a big day for me as it was the endurance test. For many who have embarked on Commando training, there is always one test that can weigh on your mind just a little more than the others. For me, it was the endurance course. When you run through at a relaxed pace it’s actually rather fun, however, add test conditions and it transforms…

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