Slush Puppy home equip

Went past a George Forman grill machine in Wilco’s recently as a pocket inventor with a mind on Dragons Den my thoughts turned to a junior format slush puppy for the summer months soda stream was fairly successful so would that sort of merchandise sell?Mr Balentine with his fleet office cream vans would be screaming for that one what would Byron think??


Palm Oil ain’t just on Sunday

The computer is asking for a man distort blog well did see a small article on The miracle of Palm oil
Did actually take me back to my schooldays and a similar informative take on the lipstick plant seem to think we were erring away from whale formulations then rather than now but ..but if you add the desert habitat and a low key lockhead invention able to convert water or seawater? To clean potable content via a molecular filtering process you sort of dragons den on real estate in the worlds desert areas. It’s obviously a big job but did also tweek the rain forests being used for manufacture rather than an obviously more profitable are location location location seems to have misfired somewhat.

Take from the Sky (Facebook)

Just a quick blog on small Facebook article on running solar gliders for network poor habitat.
Most people including me would possibly go for balloons or change frequency I even had a thought on mobile hub transmission but soon dismissed it.
It has now struck me in the light of MH 370 that gliders solar or otherwise have at low level got to operate finite rules on location and speed alignments. I have a feeling glider ops will in an open environment support the more robust passenger airlines , knowledge as they say is power.
I’m not going to be at F8 San Francisco but for once hope for development in this area will Pan out.