Bit coin other fundimetals uses

Having had the occasional good thought about bit coin I had a thought

yesterday on how to fundimetals lose a bill and get some much earned green credentials (received my first Greenpeace letter by post today) so here it is in simple form if you half agree with thisn like or tweet .in essence it’s like aiir miles but for the home the power be it solar or he grade via boiler etc would if the energy is given ie retailed  would aquire

Bit coin credits I know it can be done also via the PC but with a two way modem one for checking the bill on for acquiring P AYG  trifle feed you can with one app one modem and green intention start racking up some  well earned talk or even game time free gratis it’s just a thought I know we’ve got some techno ‘a but  free be by wire if thought out would  give that phone and maybe wifi service at home .and thanks for an additional sales option on solar:)