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Married two kids work sub contract for Apple uk,Enjoy sports Rugby particularly NRFC my main playing club for 30 or so years. Travelling a particular like also Internet surfing on Facebook g+ and Twitter(p.c.short:+petershort:)

Web builder add to email

Seems strange to think to add a web building tool to the conventional email but there are pay offs the published mail to web interface could yield marketing stats to how a product could be marketed and be finally a complete internet interaction to point of sale and or feturn a vertical off for all.
In essance a point of contact and a this product presents modual
As far a smart fones go I’d be interested to see 2d and 3D scanners have clip on triggers to incorporate warehouse scans smartphone just attatch to smartlogic could them realise myself thee hundred pound reduction per unit? Might be needed for non uk traffic:)


WiFi Landline Phone

Was thinking of Rich mobile publishing only recently and it dawned on me I have a handset that I never use why oh why does the broadband handset not pick up if nothing else why not utilise a whatsapp platform to take small texts bout twitter size format and let WiFi pass the message albeit reformatted data adjusted to land on mr bluebird all that is needed is broadband no and forward to cheap cheap someone must want to ramp up line to WiFi somewhere?

Four in one Printer

Just got a Staples mag brushed away a tear at the 3 in one Epson compatibles.well as I’m a cost analyst I’ve dragons denned the fourth in ovation for a printer PABX with wireless phones I gurt enter it will save you money at work or at home Dzin might find a use for a four in one kids switched back to landlines with one bill for dad’s to pay it’s a thought three in one paid off:) Peter Short innovation on.:)

Solar power Collector advantage lets see

Just prior to a little trip down south I read a small in Bill Gates terms piece on new solar upgrades solutions ref solar glass collectors

It was informative and promoted even better cost savings on solar having had some free time I think two positions need to be added

to the luminerys peive a storage for car dispersal and return to domestic feed allowing the consumer to keep his power for electric ats or overnight feed and the glass to fit over existing units doubling collection to 32 panels

From 16 a little like a double bus CPU you are assured half price electricity and maintenance

The one untapped business is to do deisel petrol to green electric conversions in my old

inipart days there was a gold deal engine option but no one seems to want to deal cheap conversions wether it’s transmission problems I don’t know but at present it’s an unexploited  business transaction that may open due to high initial price of electricar hybrid purchase maybe one will open on dragons den but like Bill Gates knows and I feel just needs two or so moves to turn the green price advantage

The vaccum store method apposed to Ambient freezer store

Quick blog on the potential gain on adaption of white goods from full freeze preserve to a box vaccume method with two for one microwave facility scope with within the one unit.

safe preserve on vacuuming into microwave carcus prior to cook and hygiene within the box but savings on electricity and the transcendsey to short term food purchasing habits mean the vacusolution could save a considerable amount of time cook and store energy win win points obviously it’s a dragon thought Byron might see it as a possible:) but if it sore for ten days and shopping habits change perhaps with a vacubag option it could takeoff obviously with canned goods being utilised in the home for virtually 100 years interim storage could phase in of equipment like the micrstore may change habits away from frozen (better taste)etc