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Married two kids work sub contract for Apple uk,Enjoy sports Rugby particularly NRFC my main playing club for 30 or so years. Travelling a particular like also Internet surfing on Facebook g+ and Twitter(p.c.short:+petershort:)

Solar Energy inc Gas Transfer payment

Solar power is limited yet we are,from all the media reports on the presipice of a new climate epoch.
You would if gifted with a modicum of intelligence look for alternatives to eliviate this problem.Solar could incorporate batteries at a cost most say,but in my case the electricity produced wasn’t economic to run and recoup so why can’t s gas company step into the ring for low user medium producers of solar power trade a gas price gas is used or nighttime tariff surely owning two interchangeable units ie gas and electric might lure in low units on a fixed tariff inc payback ? By widening market choice (without storage complications) more customers could egage more fully, there was talk of a Sterling device which makes electricity from boiler devices but choice and ease of a Plan May sway even Dave Angel Echo warrior might contemplate efficiency’s in to Duel use Tariff unless there is a simple floor in the plan?
Gas and electricity need to develop in tandem my feeling is energy producers have bought up the system maybe a forty year plan could enduce upgrades and buyoffs the tariff offers end April 2019 so how will solar sell let’s see


Uber driverless

Noted on google maps they now have a call facility for a to b journeys to designated destinations.Not a bad price maybe a reduction for return guarantee would be helpful strange how the Mind works maybe it’s the dormant financial analyst in me but maybe a driverless option with ops on app for arrival and discounts on passenger nos two taking the some journey with prior agreed drop off might make car ownership a non starter….do like the new tie in with google though Taxi:)

Energising QUERTY

Had a nagging thought whilst on my hols a few weeks ago why don’t or can we utilise the humble keyboard as a electrical generator.voltaic key caps and here’s the big one using the key trapped energy (like the some watches that use kinetic movements)is that like feasible?tapping away for 8 hours plus its a thought for kindle updates …keyboards to kinetic?

Lock and key shopping stowage

Listened fairly avidly to reports this week on retail plans to with permission open homes for shopping delivery
Well they got I half right with millions of customers with Garages would it be not simpler to deliver and versify delivery into a garage safe environment Amazons bigger kit could be safe with garage lock and verify safe combo job creation scheme 1

Web builder add to email

Seems strange to think to add a web building tool to the conventional email but there are pay offs the published mail to web interface could yield marketing stats to how a product could be marketed and be finally a complete internet interaction to point of sale and or feturn a vertical off for all.
In essance a point of contact and a this product presents modual
As far a smart fones go I’d be interested to see 2d and 3D scanners have clip on triggers to incorporate warehouse scans smartphone just attatch to smartlogic could them realise myself thee hundred pound reduction per unit? Might be needed for non uk traffic:)